• Any email addresses used on your site are encrypted to avoid SPAM.
• All secure site areas and storage of financial or personally identifiable information meet PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliance standards.
• Sites are programmed in php & mysql. Database backups are made nightly with weekly backups transferred to a remote location.
• All forms are validated for content accuracy when submitted to avoid server attacks and SPAM.
• Sites, pages and generated content are formatted to be compliant with W3C standards.
• Pages are tested to be compatible with Internet Explorer 7+, Firefox 2+, Opera 7+ and Safari 3.
• Page Output is xhtml, formatted via cascading style sheet (CSS).


Add an additional site to your SiteStream system for affordable design & setup fees. Centralized content management allows you to manage all your sites in one place AND gives you the ability to share content between sites!

Need help with maintenance or assistance setting up Special Events? Prepaid Maintenance Agreements with discounted rates are available for your purchase. Packages are priced per hour per month with discounts for hours purchased and number of months purchased.

Want to use a similar look for your newsletter, stationery and worship folders? Let us create them for you! We can create templates and print them for you. Business cards, signage & banners also available.

SiteStream is designed with exportable content blocks to allow their use in Flash videos. DISTRICT can design a flash template while still allowing you to manage your staff, photos, page content & more through the SiteStream CMS Environment.